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With a failing economy and dwindling population, the once-flourishing mining community of St. Nicholas in northern Canada was on the road to ruin.

That was until the arrival of the Bingzhen Group, a Chinese-American conglomerate with ambitious plans to buy the town and transform it into the most popular ski resort and holiday destination in North America.

With the deal done and Christmas approaching, the community is buzzing with excitement about the future and the influx of new residents, like Binzhen envoy Ling Wong, Scottish schoolteacher Shona Fleming, new school custodian Curtis Tate and a small army of contractors. What none of them realize is that St. Nicholas was never the people's to give away.

There is something else here which has long laid claim to the land. Something which has held the town in its thrall and does not intend to give it up without a fight. Something strange and inhuman. Something cruel and powerful and very, very, hungry.

The children call him
Santa Claus.

Easily, hands down, my favourite Christmas horror story across any medium. It has been crowned the reigning festive champion, and by a significant margin.


A Christmas cracker of a horror-comedy, that made me feel rather ill with its undeniably grotesque sequences, but also laugh out loud the next minute with its utterly hilarious prose.


A lot more brutal than I was expecting.


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